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Is Adoption
the Right Choice for You?

I want more for my baby that I can give them right now.

I am a good parent but don't know how I am going to manage.

I would do anything to give my child a good life even if it's not with me.

My life is a mess! How can I raise a child?

I want my child to have a mom and dad 24/7.

Mother and a Child

Adoption is one choice available to people who find themselves facing an unexpected pregnancy. 


Planning an adoption for your child can be emotionally difficult and there will be a grieving process involved. It is important to have support throughout the entire adoption journey.


We are here to help each step of the way.


You're not Alone.

If you would like more information on adoption, call or text (780) 533-2888 or email to book an appointment. 

NOTE: We provide referrals to various adoption agencies. We do not facilitate adoptions.

Have you placed a child for adoption? Are you looking for support?

We're Here For You.

You need to know that....

  • You don't have to grieve alone.

  • Sharing your story brings comfort and relief.

  • There is a safe place to express and process your emotions.

No matter how long ago the adoption was, you can move forward.

"I felt safe to share what's going on inside of me."

- Client Statement

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